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At the Law Office of Kelly A. Seabrook, LLC,  client satisfaction is of extreme importance...  

Please take time to read a few of our clients' thoughts regarding their experience with us!


"Attorney Seabrook  is  a lawyer with integrity.  I needed a good lawyer to handle my divorce and she proved to be a powerhouse.  She lifted the weight off of my shoulders so that I could hold my head up a little higher.  She is there to fight for you.  She is is a force to be reckoned with and an amazing and awesome powerhouse of a lawyer.  I would recommend Attorney Seabrook with no hesitation and will use her services again if I am in ever need of a good and competent attorney."

Valerie G.

"I enjoyed being Ms. Seabrook's client. I had another attorney before her who discouraged me about my case.  But, after talking with Attorney Seabrook, her confidence made me retain her as soon as I could.  If it wasn't for  Ms. Seabrook,  I wouldn't be where I am today.  She's well known and well respected by a lot of people.  She's a nice person, but she is a bulldog in the courtroom. She kept her word. I wouldn't change anything and I would recommend her to anyone.

Alex K.

"Attorney Seabrook was highly recommended to me by a friend and having her as my Attorney was the best thing I ever did. I hired another attorney who I had to fire because she was dragging her feet with my case. Once Attorney Seabrook took over things began to happen. I really appreciate all she's done and will definitely recommend her to others."

Monica D.

"I chose Ms. Seabrook to represent me because of her reputation and experience in family law. Ms. Seabrook was extremely professional, committed and dedicated to serving me and my needs. She was very knowledgeable and easy to talk to. Ms. Seabrook was easy to reach and always available. I have recommended Attorney Kelly Seabrook and will continue to recommend her to family and friends for their legal needs.  Thank you for your service Ms. Seabrook, you did what you said you would!!!"

Devanand M.

"In April 2014, I became a client of Ms. Seabrook... The Law office of Kelly A. Seabrook, LLC, has a very professional atmosphere.  A few things I note specifically in my experience is that Ms. Seabrook is very direct and positive.  Her positive attitude and commitment to my case made me feel optimistic about the outcome of the case. Ms. Seabrook and her staff worked on the case in a timely manner and always made sure I stayed updated with the status of the case.  Ms. Seabrook genuinely cares about me as a client and has personally worked on all issues which were problematic for me rather than just delegating the work to her staff."

Katroi J.

"The biggest thing she was able to do for me, was to assist me in getting custody of my children.  As a father of two autistic children,  the Courts have entrusted me with the care of them and with Attorney Seabrook's help I have been their custodial parent for the past five and a half years.  Issues still arise with their mother and Attorney Seabrook still assists me to ensure that my children are well protected and cared for."                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 Archie C.

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